This is the EXACT solution that helped my Father TOTALLY destroyed diabetes in 31 days!

You are one step away from getting the solution, Reverse and prevent diabetes... Read on to get access.

Dear Friend,

 The Diabetes solution was Purchased with the help of my Friend who introduced me to his Uncle in the UK.  This is as a result of my Father's Condition due to diabetes.

He was diagnosed with diabetes by a doctor and this makes us very worried as a Family because we just lost an Uncle due to this same diabetes and to tell you the truth his condition before he died was just not easy.

That is why I tried various means to treat his diabetic condition because his prescribed drugs were not just really helping. But Until I met my friend, all the so-called solution I came across were not working.

But I met my Old College Friend and he claimed that same diabetes almost took away his Father but the diabetic solution he introduced to me help him reversed his Father's diabetic condition.

I implore him to show me the solution since my Father is currently suffering from the diabetic condition and i dont want to lose him as I lost my uncle few years ago.

He agreed to help me, contacted his uncle in the UK and linked me with him. His uncle then linked me with the seller of the diabetic solution.

You know as a first-time experience, I bought small quantities (about 3 of this product) to find out how the Product works and Clear my doubts.

The Product was delivered to our address and My Father started using the contents as advised.


 By the Beginning of the following month, My Father was feeling healthier as compared to his former condition.  ...


 This prompted him to go for a medical check-up after using only this product for about close to two months.

 He went to the Hospital and after the test, the Suprised Doctor called him to his office and said...

  “Your blood sugar is almost normal".

Did you use any other thing apart from the product we recommended for you?

”Initially, my Father does not want to disclose the product to the doctor and he replied:  

After using the recommended drugs for some time and I feel healthier, I just feel like going for a medical checkup.  

But The Doctor was a smart dude and he said:  

 I have been in this medical line for quite some time and we have other patients who are using the same drug we recommended.  

And there is just a little improvement as compared to the one we found in you.


 So no doubt, i know you had a good health condition which i am sure the drug we recommended cannot give .

After much persuasion, my father said:   My son got the product for me and i think you should meet him and discuss.  

I was invited by the doctor and we talked.

He said he had a aged mother that is fighting diabetes and she was just improving slowly.  And that i should help him to get this product too.

We discussed about the price and i contacted My Friends Uncle in the UK who advised that he would link me to the seller directly.  

He linked me up with the seller and we talked.

He is such a very busy man and i had a quite difficulty in getting his attention .

It took me about 2 weeks before he can attend to me.  

But after some time we discussed about the Price and he also advised that i should try and buy them in bulk as it is cheaper.   I agreed.  

It was quite cheap (not that cheap because of our exchange rate) but the shipping fee is very expensive.( though he helped concerning the shipping fee). 

But he said for the next order i would have to pay the normal shipping Fee.  

I Purchased about 100 Pieces of the product and it was delivered to my address. 

I  forwarded the requested quantity of this product to the Doctor and he used it for his aged mother.   After about 3 to 4 weeks, he called me and was very happy.

He said that his mother's Blood Sugar had reduced and she is very healthy.  

This is what now prompted me to help others going through this condition as i am now convinced that this product works.  

The Doctor ordered more for his mother and some of his Friends suffering from this same diabetic condition.  

Now i have decided to help more people having this condition with this product and people are getting to know about this product.  

Infact this product had gained popularity on Newspaper websites, social medias and some popular blogs like linda ikeji, informationng and so on.  

What does this Implies?  

It means that this product was very low in stock and very soon, it might not be available for some time.   This means that it will be out of stock very soon.  

And placing an order for the next batch will be expensive due to the expensive shipping fee.   Which means you will have to purchase from the next batch at higher price and probably higher shipping fee.

So there is an opportunity to get this Product now at a discount price before it is gone.

 And Now, Let me introduce you to ...

 The Sugar Balance Tea

Control Diabetes

This solution is a Herbal Product which is very effective in lowering blood Sugar without any side effects, enhance the secretion of insulin, promote the utilization of glucose.

  • This Product also Soften blood vessels, promote blood circulation of heart and brain.
  •  It is Anti-oxidative, resist against free radicals,anti-inflammatory.
  • Prevent heart problem, stoke, brain thrombus, improve mental focus and memory.

Just use this Product for a Month or Two (recommended) and see the effects


 Even if you had been using the drugs prescribed by the doctor, you can still use this Product without any effects whatsoever. It is a matter of Choice and you can also use it without your Subscription Drugs.

Diabetes can be a dangerous condition if it is not properly treated and taken care of.

 I have experienced this and i can said emphatically that diabetes is a dangerous and silent Killer. 

According to the Doctors,If you have diabetes it is crucial to have proper diet and take prescription drugs.  

Keeping blood sugar (glucose) levels from rising too high is the main goal of diabetes care.      

Today, i am offering you today the knowledge used by the ancient Chinese doctors and used in conjunction with modern technologies.   This Product helps to fight diabetes and Lowers the Blood Sugar.  

This is the same Product that my Diabetic Father used and his blood sugar is low.

And today, he is very healthy.   After his health is restored many other people have been using this Product and their blood sugar is lowered.

 How is this Product used ?

  • Put the teabag into the cup, brew it with boiling water for 3-5 minutes then drink
  •  Every teabag can be repeated brew for 2-3 times until it diluted.
  •  You can also add lemon or honey according to your personal taste
  • Storage: Store in a cool and dry place.

Here are some of the Testimonials from users of this Herbal Solution ...

"After Receiving Shock diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes, I came accross this Herbal Tea after trying other products to no avail and i am happy today because my Blood Sugar is low and i am healthy"

- Nnamdi Ken

"I’ve tried many different advertisements on how to get rid of diabetes. None of them worked.  When I came here they offered a guarantee that it would work or I would get my money back. I decided to give it a try. That was the best decision i ever made because my blood sugar had reduced now."

- Folarin Adeola

"I feel healthier. I breathe a lot better. My energy level is high, and my doctor can’t believe the difference that I’ve made in myself. I’ve taken control of my life. I would recommend this Solution to anybody that thinks they’re going nowhere and feels that their health is really in bad shape."

- Adeyemi M

"I had been trying for quite some time to lower my Blood Sugar and I even changed my way of eating but I don't really see changes. Few months Ago, I came across the Sugar Balance Tea Online and I decided to try it. I am happy Today because my blood Sugar had dropped compared to the former Sugar level and I am healthier Now. Thanks"

- Blessing C


 How much is this Herbal Tea ...

Each Tea box contains a total of 20 tea bags only.

But if you order today, I am going to give you extra Five (5) Tea Bags for Free.

Please note: This offer is for First Eight Buyers only.

After the First Eight buyers claim their own, I will revert back to the Original without the Extra free bags.

Here is another deal,

For the first Two (2) people that ordered for 3 or more Tea Boxes, you are going to have one Blood Sugar Diabetic Plaster For Free. It is another Blood Sugar Control and diabetic healing patch. Each Plaster contains 10 patches each.

The Picture of the Diabetic Plaster is shown below


So hurry and get yours now!

If you Place your Order today, You can get your herbal tea solution at the rate of N30,000,

N19,000 Only

This is a discount Price which will increase anytime soon.


 How to Order

Option 1: Pay on Delivery

 You can Place Order  for the "Sugar Balance Tea" by Filling  your details in the form below :

Sugar balance Tea Order Form

  • Quantity Needed
  • 1@N19,000
  • 2@N29,000
  • 3@N39,000

Option 2: ATM card payment

Get better protection for your money, if you order through your ATM Debit card by clicking on the button below:

Your Order will be delivered in 7 working days with Free Shipping

 After this Quantity is finished, You will need to buy from the next batch at higher rate of 25,000 Naira. This is as a result of higher Price and high shipping rate when ordering the products. 

I Offer you A 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

Now you can test drive our product for two months with NO RISK!

If you think that our product is useless for you, simply contact our support, and will return 100% of your money. No Question Asked!

 So, hurry and Order yours now.

Dont postpone the treatment of your diabetes because the earlier you start your treatment, the better.  

Wishing you complete and better health,


Ayodeji F

08137507230, 07058287885

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